Best Slack Standup Bot in 2023

If you are in the market for the best Slack Standup Bot, this blog will help you understand what and how to evaluate and what you get with Troopr Slack Standup Bot.

Before we begin, a quick refresher on the basics.

What is a Standup?

A standup meeting is a meeting where attendees traditionally participate while standing and the entire team gets to meet everyday for a quick status update. These meetings are traditionally conducted face to face or in a zoom video call.

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What is a Slack Standup?

Slack Standup is a Standup meeting that is conducted asynchronously in Slack. When conducted asynchronously, meeting attendees do not have to be in the same place (physically or virtually) at the same time. The meeting agenda is set in advance and the questions are posted in Slack and participants can respond when they get time. Β 


What is a Slack Standup Bot?

Slack Standup bot is a Slack bot that facilitates conducting asynchronous standup meetings in Slack. Slack Standup bot will perform the following roles

  1. Survey your team members with standup meeting questions
  2. Conduct the survey at scheduled times every day or week
  3. Collect participant responses and generate reports
  4. Preserve historical reports for data driven insights


What you should expect in a Slack Standup Bot?

A Slack standup bot should allow customizing to your team’s needs including setting up a custom schedule, custom questions and custom reporting behavior. The bot should also be timezone aware so it can survey attendees at their respective time zone times. Β It is also important to integrate with the project management tool in use for context.

Once the Standup bot checks all the boxes for features relevant to your team, you want to evaluate the following deal-breakers to run effective standup meetings.

  1. Credible Vendor
  2. Mature Product
  3. Reliable Support
  4. Affordable Pricing

Learn about how to evaluate in more detail in the link below.

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Troopr Slack Standup Bot

Apart from all core feature you expect to see in a mature Standup, Troopr Slack Standup Bot comes with 10 features unique to it including

  1. Deep Jira integration
  2. Team mood tracking
  3. Global and team level holiday calendar setup
  4. Conversational and form interface for answering
  5. Smart reminders
  6. Detailed web reports
  7. Early draft saving
  8. Retrospective meeting support
  9. Planning Poker meeting support
  10. External members support


Troopr is Enterprise Ready

Troopr Check-ins is built for enterprises and trusted by 1000s of organizations worldwide including Nextdoor, Snowflake, Roku, Wayfair, Netflix, Huuuge, Dream11 and more.

Troopr features for large teams include multi administrator support and shared channel support for including external members in your Standup.

Troopr exclusive services for large enterprises include

  1. Prioritized 24/7 Email & Chat Support - Cut to the front of the queue to get premium support experience. Get exclusive and direct access to the support team in Troopr official workspace shared Slack channel.
  2. Multiple Payment Methods, Payment via PO/Invoice - Pay via any of the supported payment methods supported by our payment gateway platform. Get an invoice for your purchase order and custom payment terms.
  3. Multi-product Bundle Discount - Get discounted pricing when purchasing multiple products from Troopr product suite.
  4. Custom Contract - Get a custom sales contract with negotiated terms.
  5. Dedicated Success Manager - Get a dedicated person from Troopr team who will assist with implementation and rollout and work for overall success of the project.
  6. Prioritized Feature Requests - Get new feature requests prioritized in Troopr product roadmap.
  7. Security Assessment, Vendor Evaluation - Engage with us to evaluate our security is built to meet the needs of your IT organization.
  8. Extended Evaluation Period - Get extended trial periods to complete your pilot.
  9. Free Staging Setup - Get free enterprise subscription for your stage setup for free.


What does Troopr cost?

Troopr is free for small teams of size up to 25 members. This is the most generous free tier. For larger teams we have a flat pricing that is fraction of the cost of competing products.



You are in good company

Best run teams are using Troopr to conduct their Standup meetings in Slack. Engineering teams at Netflix and Snowflake are among 1000s of teams using Troopr.

"My team had a great time testing Troopr. [Post evaluation] we are using Troopr for weekly team update, retro meeting and Jira integration. Among other options, we picked Troopr because it was cleared by our internal security team and Jira integration worked with our hosted Jira server. Troopr seemed to boast stable development and responsive support team."

-- Senior Software Engineer, Platform Engineering team, Netflix

Getting started with Troopr

If you choose to use Troopr Slack bot to facilitate your standup / pre-standup routine, you can get started by adding Troopr to your Slack workspace.

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Troopr Check-ins are the easiest way to conduct your daily standup asynchronously in Slack. You can set up your first Check-in in under a minute and have your team participate by answering questions in Slack. Troopr will deliver automated reports and facilitate further discussions directly in Slack.

Troopr is also deeply integrated with the Jira project management tool to pull all activities from it and roll it up in an integrated report. Troopr will also automatically update Jira issues based on updates during the Standup meetings in Slack.

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