Jira Cloud Migration: Migrate without your users knowing a thing

Migrating from Jira Server

As Atlassian announced the future discontinuation of Jira Server products, and encouraged  the organizations to move to Cloud or Data Center. Most of the organizations have now initiated their Jira cloud migration process.

This being a significant exercise especially for larger organizations, there’s a bevy of integration and migration assistants that work seamlessly to make the migration process simpler. Atlassian solution partners have also been taking significant steps to support the Jira cloud migration services to their clients.

However there is the challenge of retraining your organization and getting them to effectively use the new version of Jira. And that is where Troopr comes into picture and Troopr lets users have a transparent way to use Jira cloud migration process.

Migrating with Troopr

See how Troopr provides a seamless interface experience for entire organization before and after migration

Jira to Slack

Benefits of migrating with Troopr

  1. No user re-training
  2. Instant onboarding of new members
  3. Improved efficiency in managing Jira
  4. Improved employee experience

Migration from server to cloud/ Data center

Atlassian does well to provide best possible assistance and tools to plan, assess and implement a Jira cloud migration. However the missing piece here is how you train and manage user experience during the migration.

What if you can migrate without your users knowing a thing?

What if you could provide the exact same user interface for your users before and after migration?

If your organization is using Slack, this is now possible with Troopr Assistant for Jira. Troopr connects to your Jira Cloud or Data Center to provide complete Jira project management functionality inside of Slack for your end users. Both for Jira software and Jira Service Management offerings. Troopr works exactly the same way for Server and Cloud providing your end users the exact same interface for ALL actions they need to perform in Jira.

Turn Slack into your Jira Project collaboration hub

Slack is a great communication platform. It’s not just fast and easy to use. It’s scalable. Users like discussing with teamates in Slack. And the real power is in its integrations. Troopr Jira bot for Slack expands on its core functionality with powerful workflow automation.

Troopr connects Slack with Jira to solve about every kind of work taking place within the enterprise. Be it either issue creation, deletion, status transition, alerts, and more. Simply, any issue action that a user can perform on Jira, can be done now on Slack in most common cases just through a push of a button.

What Troopr can do for you

  1. Actionable notifications in Slack
  2. Jira issue actions in Slack
  3. Reporting in Slack
  4. Ticketing in Slack
Options in Troopr

Actionable notifications in Slack

Troopr comes up with actionable notifications on your Slack channels when some important updates happen in Jira. Troopr lets users choose the type of events they would like to see, thus improving focus on what actually requires attention. Ideally teams can personalize on “what”, “when” and “where” aspects of notifications and Troopr remembers these preferences. Every Slack notification by Troopr is actionable and enables users to take any kind of Jira actions on the issues without leaving your Slack workspace.

Actionable notifications in Slack

Jira issue actions in Slack

Troopr lets you take any issue action on any issue field without leaving Slack. You can see recent issue activity / comments, link issues to other issues, delete issues when you have the permission and more. You can also add multiple Slack messages into one new/existing Jira issue with multi message action support in Troopr. You can create issue, assign, change status and more via a push of a button or simple commands. Troopr also supports transition validations, automatic custom and required field recognition and update assistance.

Jira issue in Slack

Reporting in Slack

Troopr lets you configure Jira reports to be delivered to Slack channels providing an unique opportunity to keep the team members and stakeholders (including those not using Jira) informed about the project status. Troopr lets you pick from 20+ templates including Burndown chart, Velocity Report, Workload distribution Chart and configure the report, schedule and reporting options to meet your team’s needs. You can also schedule smart reminders with custom criteria that need your team’s attention like stale issues, overdue issues, potential blockers and more can be sent as a nudge to your team in Slack.

Jira reports in Slack

Ticketing in Slack

Troopr integrates Jira Service Desk with Slack in the similar way as of Jira Software.Troopr lets you create tickets in Slack with a dynamic ticket creation form. These forms auto-discovers and auto-populates fields relevant for creation. Troopr supports and respects transition rules for creation/status update and more. You can see recent ticket activity/comments, delete tickets when you have the permission and more. Troopr also lets you configure reports for SLA Met and Breached, Request breakdown by type, Tickets by Priority, Open Tickets and more.

Ticketing in Slack

Lasting Impact of Troopr

  • No user re-training when upgrading to new Jira version
  • Improved efficiency in managing Jira
  • Instant on-boarding of new members
  • Saves upto 100 hours per employee time per year
  • Averages $6M savings for 1000 member team
  • Maximizes ROI on Jira investment
  • Upgrades employee workplace experience

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