Sharing custom Jira reports in Slack

What if you could get Jira burndown chart in Slack daily or for that matter a service desk SLA chart or any custom JQL report? What if you can choose just about any Jira report type, pick any schedule and have it delivered in any Slack channel? And what if you get not just a link to the report but the complete report with drill through and full issue update capabilities in Slack.

This is now possible with Troopr custom reports for Jira. Troopr lets you use any of the easy to configure report templates and share them to yourself or schedule them to your project or team channels in Slack.

This is the easiest and most effective way to share and engage with project insights with your team and keep you and everyone in your team on the same page.

Troopr reports

In this blog we discuss Troopr’s approach to easy Jira reporting in Slack that your team will love.

Problems with report sharing

Traditionally, if you had to share a report, say a burndown chart, you will likely copy the Jira report link and paste it in Slack channel or email where your team is. This is not ideal for following reasons

  1. Team members tend not to open another app just to check a report
  2. The action required from individual team members is not clear just with a report link
  3. Most email notifications from Jira get a spam treatment
  4. Manually sharing report links is a mundane task

Troopr addresses these problems by making it super easy to build and share Jira reports in Slack.

Smarter report sharing with Troopr

Troopr promotes better team engagement through timely and contextual report sharing in Slack. Troopr reports allow for discussion and action on the report issues without disrupting team work. Troopr delivers project insights in Slack in a fraction of the time that it will take otherwise.

Troopr provides the capability to share the complete report (not just the links) to your team in Slack. This dramatically reduces the friction to access the project reports, and increases the  opportunity for the team to engage and action on the reports without leaving Slack.

Troopr expands on the project report to show the full list of issues or tickets in Slack. This unique drill through capability of Troopr works with any Jira software or service desk project report.

Share jira reports in Slack using Troopr

Troopr also goes beyond listing issues to enable actioning on the report issues directly in Slack. Any field update or action that you could perform in Jira can now be done in Slack. This capability transforms the way your team members interact with Jira reports.

Why custom Jira reports

Every team defines success differently. The “Custom Report” template provides more granular customization so you get the exact report you need.

Key benefits of building your own custom report for Slack include

  1. Better control over the configuration of the report you want to share in Slack
  2. Helps you and your team take better data based decisions more often
  3. Easy to pick the metrics you want to share with stakeholders outside Jira
  4. Surfaces potential blockers before it is too late to action
  5. Triggers discussion and nudges to action by bringing focus on key insights
  6. Dramatically improves team engagement by reducing the friction to update Jira
  7. Improves transparency resulting in better planning and alignment to team goals

Setting up custom Jira reports

Let’s look at how we can easily set up a custom Jira report using Troopr.

Simple 3 step configuration

Step 1: Configure report for type, theme, data source, x-axis and y-axis

Step 2: Configure scheduling options. Choose between daily and weekly.

Step 3: Configure reporting options. Choose a custom Slack message to go with the report and the channel name.

Reports configuration in Troopr

Post setup actions

Testing the report

Once you have set up the report - it appears on the list (along with the other already setup reports) in Troopr Web App, where you can run a test to see if it is working as expected. To do this, choose “Run Now” from the options available on the right corner. This will send the report to the configured Slack channel (If there is any relevant data to send).

Editing the custom message

Troopr reports reach the configured Slack channel along with a custom delivery message (optionally provided during the setup process). You can add/ make changes to this delivery message by choosing “Edit” from the options available on the right corner of the report list.

Managing the configuration

You can make changes to the reporting, scheduling and delivery options by choosing “Configure”. This opens up the 3 step setup form that is populated with predefined fields, where you can make the necessary changes and update it.


You can disable the report anytime if you need to pause or no longer need it.

Keep the team informed

The moment you set up a report, Troopr sends a notification to the relevant Slack channel. This keeps the team informed that the report owner has set up the report to be delivered at set frequencies to the Slack channel.

Who can create and manage the reports

Anyone who is a verified user can start setting up Troopr reports in Slack. Everyone in the team can see the reports setup by other users. However only the report owner (person who set up the report) has privileges to perform any post setup actions like edit or disable the reports.

The workspace administrator also has permissions to manage all the other user’s reports. However if the administrator finds a problem with the report setup by a user, he can get in discussion with the user or when necessary immediately customize or disable them.

Custom reports for personal use

The same custom report can also be configured for personal use. The setup is a 1 step configuration of report attributes like report type, theme, data source, x-axis and y-axis. Once you set this up, Troopr will show the report in the Slack app home screen in always on mode. This means that you can consume the report in Slack by just clicking on "Troopr Assistant" in your Slack desktop, browser or mobile app.  

Other Troopr reports you can use

Setup from 20+ built in report templates

Troopr Slack bot for Jira also comes with 20+ built in templates that you can take up to automate project reporting to Slack channels. Some of the templates include burndown chart, Sprint velocity chart, workload distribution chart and more.

20+ bulit in templates

Share Jira JQL reports in Slack

Troopr also lets you set up custom reports by specifying the Jira JQL in the report configuration.

Share Jira JQL reports in Slack

Setup automated team nudges

Troopr lets you set up team nudges (reminders) about things that need your team’s attention like overdue issues, stale issues, issues missing estimates, potential blockers and more for your team’s workflow.

Automated team nudges using Troopr

Get started

Troopr Slack integration for Jira is available for install from Atlassian Marketplace or Slack App directory.  Integrating Slack with Jira is a quick process and does not require more than a minute to get it done.

Once your Jira domain is connected to Slack workspace, you can start building a custom Jira report or pick from built-in templates in a few clicks configured and delivered to your team’s Slack channels.

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