Stop using another tool for online retrospective

Retrospective is one of many ceremonies for your agile team. Scrum ceremonies is one of many team workflows you need to manage as a manager of an agile team. Do not put your team through as many tools as there are processes to automate. Ideally, the number of tools your team needs to learn should be zero.

There are a bunch of tools available to automate retrospective ceremonies online. Even the simplest one requires your team to onboard and learn to use another tool. This is not ideal. Your team is already using a project tracker and team chat tool. For most agile teams, it is Jira and Slack. They should not need to learn more tools.

Bring your scrum ceremonies to Slack

If your team is already collaborating in Slack, then engage your team in a retrospective ceremony directly inside Slack. Make your team participate in meetings without leaving Slack. Avoid another new tool just for a retrospective meeting. Avoid introducing a new login and a new process for your team. Provide the least friction path for your team to engage productively.

Stop adding another tool to your stack

Troopr Slack Bot can conduct any of your scrum ceremonies including an online retrospective in Slack. Troopr is a digital assistant for agile teams. Troopr automates routine aspects of scrum processes by checking in with your team directly in Slack.

Stop the context switch from work

Most of the vibrant workplace discussions take place in Slack. If your team is already on Slack and likes its convenient interaction features, the Troopr Slack bot can provide a friction-free user experience by automating almost all the Scrum ceremonies including retrospectives in Slack. The team need not switch between tabs just for an online meeting. The team can file their responses in Slack. Likewise, the Scrum masters and Product Managers can receive the aggregated report of team responses in Slack. Thus minimizing context switching for team members as well as managers.

Keep it simple

Setup a Check-in for a retrospective in 3 easy steps:

  1. Choose the participants and schedule
  2. Choose a retrospective question template
  3. Choose your reporting preferences
Easy Check-ins setup

Keep it easy

Participants receive a message with an action button prompting them to file their responses. The participants are also allowed to respond to the questions later. In this case, Troopr dynamically sends a smart reminder within the configured time-boxed schedule, encouraging the participants to contribute. The participants can respond to it just with a click of a button.

Check-in templates

Discuss and take action on feedback

Troopr aggregates the participant responses and shares it in the configured Slack channel. Having this type of report keeps everyone on the same page and opens doors for instant discussions in Slack based on the reports. The actionable items can be prioritized and discussed right there to be enacted in the next iterations.

Track action items in Slack

Every feedback in the aggregated report is open for voting and comments from team members within a time-boxed schedule. The feedback are then prioritized to be added as action items in the project tracker tool just through a push of a button directly in Slack.

Go beyond Retrospectives

Troopr goes beyond online retrospectives and allows your team to automate the most common Scrum ceremonies in Slack including daily standups, planning poker, backlog grooming and more. Troopr Scrum bot also comes with customizable scheduling, reporting options, beautiful web reports, historical reports and more for all the Scrum templates.

Be Remote friendly

Troopr supports multiple time zones. When the team is distributed, Troopr prompts responses at the participants' respective local time zones, making the retrospective process comfortable and convenient at their prime working hours.

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Troopr Slack Scrum bot is trusted by 1000s of agile teams. Troopr is designed to fit teams of any size and available for install from Atlassian Marketplace or Slack App Directory.

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