Top 3 Free Slack Standup Bots

This year has seen more teams looking to improve team collaboration by running Asynchronous Slack standup meetings than ever before.

If you are a small team looking for an easy and preferably Free Slack Standup Bot or a large team evaluating a mature but affordable solution, you have come to the right place.

Evaluating Standup Bots

Since the advent of COVID and resulting acceleration in the adoption of remote tools and practices, tools to automate and run scrum standup meetings in Slack have grown in popularity.

So if you are in the market for a reliable Free Slack Standup bot, you are likely looking at 3 key factors:

1. Has the features you need in the free version

2. The product is reliable and business is sustainable (will be around the same time next year?)

3. Cost of upgrade when your team grows

There are a number of paid solutions available for Slack Standup and the list includes Troopr (our product), Standuply, Polly, Kyber, Range, Geekbot, Standupjack, Standup bot, Standup Alice, Scrumgenius, StatusHero, and Jell.

Only Troopr, Standuply, and Range offer Free Tiers in their pricing plans as of September 2020. These products will be the focus of our comparison here.

There are a bunch of free solutions with no advertised monetization plan. The list includes Olaph, Standup and Prosper, Tatsu, Dixiapp, and Scrumbot (as of September 2020).

Comparison of free tiers

The 3 vendors we picked for comparison offer all of the basic features, so we will not get into a detailed feature comparison. 

Free tier user restrictions:

Troopr —up to 25 users*

Standuply — up to 3 users

Range — up to 10 users

*Teams upto 25 members can request the free version by writing to

Free tier feature limitations:

Troopr — Most product features

Standuply — Limited features

Range — Most product features

Key features comparison

Custom questions: Allow any number of custom questions in your standup.

Troopr — ✅

Standuply — ✅

Range — ✅

Custom schedule, timezone aware: Allow daily or weekly schedule. Run at different times based on each user’s timezone.

Troopr — ✅

Standuply — ✅

Range — ✅

Slack and Web Reports: Allow reports to be sent to Slack channels and show them in the web app as well.

Troopr — ✅

Standuply — ✅

Range — ✅

History and Analytics: Show historical data from previous standups and allow for export and email digest. Show engagement metrics.

Troopr — ✅

Standuply — Partial

Range — 

Mood survey: Track team morale by asking user’s about how they are feeling.

Troopr — ✅

Standuply — 

Range — ✅

Integrations (auto unfurl Jira issue key): Jira, GitHub integrations with an auto preview of mentioned issues, and auto-attach activity log from Jira projects.

Troopr — ✅

Standuply — 

Range — 

Are they really free?

End of the day businesses need to make money, so with free solutions, there is always a catch. While it is common to see products offering a free tier for smaller teams to get started, some businesses/individuals do choose to give away their product because it is a fun side project or because they make money elsewhere in other products or services. 

In such cases, one must investigate if there is enough motivation in the individual/team building it to keep supporting the solution. See for yourself if any of the free solutions listed above are sufficiently reliable for your needs.

Cost of upgrade 

Small team (up to 25 users): 

Troopr — Free

Standuply — $70

Range — $200

Growing team (up to 250 users):

Troopr — $49 (flat pricing for unlimited users, unlimited check-ins)

Standuply — $625

Range — $2000

Why Choose Troopr?

1. Troopr has the most generous free tier and also saves several hundreds of dollars when your team needs to grow.

2. Troopr will notify members about the standup at their respective time zones.

3. Troopr allows managers to see how different team members have contributed over time.

4. Troopr allows you to collaborate with people outside your company by running cross-team standups in Slack shared channel.

Based on the Key Factors to evaluate Slack Standup Bot, Troopr Slack Scrum Bot may work out to be the most optimal solution for your team today and in the future.

Troopr is trusted by thousands including Tokopedia, Electronic Arts, Unity 3D, Delivery Hero.

Troopr is a product of Troopr Labs, Inc based in Austin, TX.