Best Slack Standup for Jira Customers

Most agile teams start their day with a 15-minute standup meeting, where each team member speaks about the tasks that got done on the previous day, plans for the present day and blockers if any. Indeed this gives the team the opportunity to know about the project progress. But if the Jira is not current, the stale data problem can quickly bubble up giving the distorted picture of the project to the team. The project progress suffers, blockers start surfacing at the last moment and deliveries are delayed. This does not justify the investment that went into organization wide Jira installation and employee training.

Ideally to get a quick picture of what’s going on the product owner, stakeholders or the team needs two of the information on hand

  • The Jira progress reports
  • The daily standup reports

Getting a quick project progress picture - yes, it is possible with these reports. But how well they are reflecting the true data depends on how updated they are.

In this blog we will cover how to keep the Jira projects current with a simple Slack bot solution.

Slack standup bot for Jira

We at Troopr have collaborated with agile teams around the world to build a solution around this. It’s a Jira Standup solution that runs on Slack. 1000s of agile teams around the world have started seeing positive results with this simple Slack check-in.

The configuration is simple and easy to use for both the management and team members.

Slack Standup for Jira prompts participants to directly update the issues assigned to them during the Check-in/Standup time period and builds an aggregated report at the end. This way you get to see each person’s contribution while also keeping Jira updated.

You can configure and set up Troopr Slack standup bot for Jira to send the check-in questions at a particular time, say 9 AM. This is also remote friendly. When you have a team distributed across time zones, the check-in questions get populated in the participants slack at their local timing. The participants can respond to the questions at a comfortable time in their day within a time boxed schedule.

This is what the participants see

Slack standup bot for Jira

The participants can answer the check-in questions without leaving Slack.

Troopr automatically aggregates the participants responses after the wait time to generate insights and beautiful reports that can be shared in Slack as well as web portal.

Slack standup bot for jira

Auto Linking

Troopr deeply integrates Jira and Slack and the participants can take any action on the issue field directly from Slack. Be either updating the status, commenting, updating assignee, priority or even delete the issue if they have the required permissions.

Jira has distinct privileges for users with respect to what they can see and what they can do. Troopr dynamically understands users permissions in Jira and ensures consistency of  behaviour in Slack. (i.e.) users can only take actions in Slack that they are permitted to take inside Jira.

Auto Unfurling

The Jira issue mentioned in the standup responses are auto-unfurled in the aggregated reports. This allows the managers or product owners to get the Jira issue contexts directly from the reports. You may not need to switch between the Slack report to Jira to see the context of the Jira issue.

Auto Jira activity collection

Likewise the Jira issue mentioned in the standup responses also comes with the activity summaries. The recent activities of the Jira issues are automatically picked up and aggregated in a beautiful format and shared in the reports, making it convenient for the managers to see the recent activities happening in the projects.

Benefits of using Jira Standups

  • Keeps the Jira updated on regular basis (Can also be on daily basis its configured so)
  • Augments the daily physical standups with a 2 minute virtual one saving time for team members
  • Automatic generation of standup reports with Jira mentions unfurled, and recent activities picked up and added to the reports to give a better picture to the managers and stakeholders
  • No manual effort required to set up and build reports. Once configured - Its all automatic
  • Less prone to human errors from monotonous tasks of report generation to task updation in the project tracker tool

Troopr Check-ins also offers templates for other scrum ceremonies including Sprint Planning, Planning Poker, Backlog Grooming, your team in 3 simple steps.

How to set up

Once you have set up Troopr which takes under a minute (Blog link), you can quickly configure the Jira standup check-in for your team in 3 simple steps.

1. Configure scheduling options

Choose the participants and schedule to send the check-in questions

2. Configure template and questions

Configure the daily standup questions and task options to pick up the Jira issues to be sent to the participants

3. Configure reporting options

Configure where you want to receive the report

How to setup Troopr

Troopr goes beyond Jira standups

Troopr Check-in also offers templates for other scrum ceremonies including Sprint Planning, Planning Poker, Backlog Grooming, Retrospectives and more. Troopr Check-ins meeting automation for your team is the easiest way to periodically collect team responses in Slack and keep record of the reports. All Check-ins come with customizable scheduling and reporting options, multi time zone support, beautiful web reports, historical reports, insights and more. Troopr also offers flexibility in  collaborating with people outside of your company by running cross team check-ins in Shared Slack channels.

Get started

Troopr is already trusted by 1000s of agile teams worldwide including Accenture, Intel, Adobe and more.

Troopr Slack standup bot for Jira is designed to fit teams of any size and available for download from Atlassian marketplace or Slack App directory.

Troopr is free to try and you can get started by evaluating it for 14 days. Once you are convinced, we offer great value pricing. Troopr total cost of ownership is a fraction of what it would cost to put together an equivalent solution.

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