How to get your team to update Jira in Slack, without logging into Jira?

Jira for project management

Jira is a de facto project management tool used by agile teams around the world. But the key challenge here is keeping the Jira current that reflects the true picture of the project to the stakeholders. The organizations have spent huge sums of money in licensing and training users for Jira. And it does not justify the investment when Jira is not current and the stakeholders are not able to have desirable experiences and results from the tool.

Challenges in keeping Jira current

Mostly all agile teams struggle with getting their team to update Jira. Engineers typically hate to switch context from their core work to update Jira regularly.

This stale data problem in Jira quickly bubbles up to project reports that don't reflect the true picture. Blockers start surfacing at the last moment, project progress suffers and deliveries are delayed.

How a simple Slack Check-ins can help keeping Jira updated

We at Troopr collaborated with agile teams around the world on a solution that facilitates the teams to keep Jira current without much effort. The solution is to use Slack to create a simple check-ins tool. We chose Slack for the following reasons

  • 70%+ agile teams have already moved to Slack for internal communication
  • Users like interacting with teammates in Slack, engagement is high
  • Typically an active user is signed in on Slack around 9 hours in a day
  • Slack comes with a powerful interaction framework for apps.

Here’s what your team sees in Slack.


The list of issues that needs attention comes to them in actionable compact message format. Team members can update issue status, add comments or take any action on those issues at a comfortable time during their day directly in Slack .

The team need not leave Slack to update Jira. They can just respond with updates/ comments for the Jira issues and hit submit.

If any of the team members miss to respond to the questions, Troopr sends a friendly reminder encouraging them to contribute.

Participant updates in Slack are automatically sent to Jira and Troopr consolidates all updates in an aggregated report. These reports are available both on Slack and Web Portal, and can be downloaded or shared with project stakeholders.


With this check-in you can  get your team to update Jira more regularly. Team engagement improves and Jira is more current than before. It’s a win win for both the team members and project/product managers. The team members need not switch from their core work, open Jira, wait for the web page to load, search for the issue and make updates. The management is also getting a more accurate picture of what’s going on in the project.

Other ways to get your team update Jira regularly

1.Actionable notifications

Troopr’s Slack bot for Jira goes beyond check-ins and provides other ways for the team to keep Jira current. When you integrate Jira to Slack you automate frequent actions into micro-interactions in Slack. Bringing in actionable notifications in Slack means the entire team can actually see and act on it. The issues that need your team’s attention are delivered to DM/Public channels as compact actionable messages. And the users can take action - change status/comment/update files/any issue action just through a push of a button.

Troopr’s Slack bot for Jira ensures these notifications are not spammy. The notifications are filtered, grouped and delivered in batches. Related events happening in the same delivery cycle are grouped to ensure only one Slack message is delivered to the configured channel per cycle.

Actionable notifications in Slack

2.Personalized actionable Issue listing

In addition to Jira issues delivered as notifications to Slack channels, the team can also get a list of issues anywhere in Slack via a simple command “/t list”. List can further be personalized to say, assigned, watched, mentioned and more, allowing the team member to get the issues they are interested in quickly inside Slack. Every issue list comes with action buttons to easily make any update to the issues. The issue list can also be sorted based on some key parameters like issue created, updated, viewed and more. Troopr remembers this for every channel and dynamically brings up the list based on the preferences.

Issue listing

3.Actionable Reports

Troopr lets you set up and configure a number of workflow automations including bringing Jira burndown charts and other reports in Slack. Troopr goes beyond link sharing to bringing the actual report along with action items in Slack. This allows the team members to discuss the Jira reports right there and take required actions on the Jira issues directly in Slack. The issue list comes with action buttons, allowing the team members to update the status, assign, comment, add files and more without ever leaving Slack.

Actionable Jira reports

4.Actionable Nudges

Troopr’s Slack bot for Jira also lets you to schedule smart actionable nudges for your team. Reminders about things that need your team’s attention like stale issues, overdue issues, potential blockers and more can be sent as a nudge to your team in Slack channels. Nudges are actionable and actions are fulfilled entirely without leaving Slack. This allows team members to act on the issues and also keep the Jira updated at the same time.

Actionable Nudges in Slack

5.Personalized actionable dashboard in Slack

Troopr Slack bot for Jira also brings in the list of issues assigned to each user on their dashboard in App home. This list is also actionable to quickly make any updates to the issue fields directly from Slack.

Personalized dashboard in Slack

Getting Started with Troopr

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