Every Jira needs Jira Slack Integration

If you are a software team managing projects in Jira, this article captures why agile software teams are using Jira Slack integration to keep their Jira projects current without the need to login to Jira

The challenge with keeping Jira current

One universal challenge with software teams using Jira for project management is in keeping Jira current. Project and Product Managers want Jira data to be up to date but in reality it requires a lot of nudging and shoulder taps to get everyone to update Jira regularly.

So why is Jira not current? Engineers typically hate to switch context from work to update Jira. Most engineers also harbor strong unfavorable opinions about Jira software. This is in contrast to 78% project managers who have recommended Jira as the agile project management tool of choice.

The stale data problem in Jira quickly bubbles up to project reports to stakeholders that don't reflect the true picture. Blockers start surfacing at the last moment, project progress suffers, deliveries are delayed, cost overruns are routine and there is chaotic asking around for updates.

Most organizations have spent large sums of money to license and implement Jira, so keeping Jira projects up to date is a critical business priority.

Fastest way to keep Jira current — that works!

One of the ways in which project managers deal with the update problem is by constant manual nudging. This is neither desirable nor scalable. Driving better discipline in team to regularly update Jira may work but does not deal directly with the core problem.

What your team needs is a simpler and faster way to keep Jira current without any overhead. Ideally a quick way to keep Jira current without context switch

This is today possible via automation of frequent micro-interactions in Slack bot for Jira. We will talk about that more. But I want to address why Slack and not any other business chat.

Why Slack for software teams

Slack is used by 750,000 organizations in 2020 around the world, majority of them are software teams. Slack is particularly popular among software teams for its vast array of integrations with almost any app you use at work.

Slack engagement is way higher compared to any other chat platform. Users spend 9 hours per work day on Slack. So essentially Slack is where your team is. It is a hub for all communication and it helps to have one place you can reliably find and communicate with your entire team.

Lastly Slack has a superior toolkit for building highly interactive Slack apps. Customers can build internal apps for their teams in minutes and vendors build rich user experiences in their Slack apps.

Having said that you can surely get most if not all benefits you seek in other business chat platforms as well.

Automating Jira updates in Slack

When you done Jira Slack integration, you automate frequent actions into micro-interactions that perform the same action in fraction of time taken otherwise. Simple example is updating status of an issue. You no longer have to wait for a webpage to load and search for the specific issue you want to update and then perform the action. The issue that needs your attention comes to you in an actionable compact message format and all that is required is usually for you to push a button.

When you extrapolate the time saving to other actions like creating issues, commenting on issues, browsing your issues or bringing issue(s) to your team’s (or team member’s) attention the benefits add up to several hours in a month.

The real game-changer is better engagement in the team resulting in Jira being current more often. At this point it is a win win for the team members and management.

More than issue updates in Slack

Slack with Jira can go beyond just saving time in Jira updates and provide ways for stakeholders to stay current on project status by automatically sharing Jira reports in Slack channels. They can smartly identify potential blockers and bring that to your team’s attention before it is too late. More on this in another blog. But I wanted to mention Slack first project management for Jira customers can be a whole new way to manage your projects.

Vendors implementing Jira Slack Integration

A popular option to get started is the native Slack bot for Jira. This will give you a taste of what is possible with cool features like automatic previews, attaching Slack messages to Jira issues and some quick creation options. Once convinced about the benefits of the Jira Slack  integration, most customers start looking for more in vendor solutions like Troopr’s Jira Slack integration and more.

Troopr’s Slack bot for Jira automates Jira actions, alerts, insights, reports, nudges and more in Slack. If you are a remote (or remote friendly team) Troopr solution also comes with deeply integrated Jira Standup for Slack as a way to replace or augment daily scrum process and retrospectives in your team. The meeting reports can also be compiled for future references and shared with anyone to keep track of the project and keep everyone in loop on how well the team is doing and look for opportunities for team improvement

Additionally, Troopr’s slack Jira bot brings in enthusiasm and transparency to your workplace conversation by celebrating milestones and highlights the team members achievements on sprints and standpoints.

Troopr also comes with a super convenient feature of bringing in automated Jira reports in Slack, helping teams to track project progress, identify surface blockers before it's late, smart actionable nudges that require your team’s attention and generate stakeholder reports to keep everyone on the same page. With Troopr’s Slack Jira bot, you can also share critical Jira reports like burndown chart, sprint velocity chart to the stakeholders outside Jira and keep them in loop on their slack chat. It is completely customizable on when and where you want the reports to get delivered.

Troopr differs from other options out there because of its broader all-in-one approach and vision to bring a modern conversational experience to your workplace.

Troopr's Jira Slack integration is trusted by thousands including Tokopedia, Xaxis, Electronic Arts, Unity 3D. Troopr is free to try for teams of any size and adopts industry best standards on security.

Check it out at: https://www.jiraslackintegration.com/

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