Jira Slack Integration for ticketing

If you are a Service Desk agent and tired of redirecting your users to Jira help desk portal with no avail, then this blog is for you. Let us look at how we can solve the problem of constant copy pasting of chat messages and manual status updates on tickets in your team. In this blog, we'll cover

Challenge with handling service requests

Slack is the primary means of engagement in most agile teams.In a large organization, it is not uncommon for help desk agents to be constantly swamped with service requests in direct messaging channels in Slack. This is despite "better" options for filing requests like portal, email based ones being available to the users.

Checking with the agent in chat is the most convenient and least path of friction for the user. However this is neither an ideal nor scalable model of dealing with service requests for the agents. So how do you balance the needs of both parties?

Need for Slack first ticketing

There is clearly a need to manage service requests in Slack better. Ideally a ticketing solution with Slack as the primary channel for service requests for both users and agents to file and track tickets directly in Slack will work best. Such a solution should seamlessly capture and synchronize with tickets created in the backend Jira Service Desk ticketing platform.

So what do we need in such a solution for it to work? From user standpoint, they need

Slack first ticketing
  • An easy way to report a problem or a requests in Slack channels
  • An easy way to update the ticket in Slack to comment or request for clarifications
  • An easy way to be notified about the status of their request in Slack

From agent standpoint, they need

  • An easy way to capture service requests in Slack as tickets in Jira Service Desk
  • An automated way to sync updates in either place to each other
  • An easy way to triage on open tickets in Slack

Let us look at how Troopr delivers on the above needs for both user and the agent.

Easy way to file tickets from Slack

Troopr has simplified the process of capturing a message from the DM or group channel as a Jira ticket just through a push of a button. Likewise, a media or file shared in the conversation can also be added as a new ticket or part of an existing ticket.

If the context of the ticket spans across multiple messages, these messages can also be cumulatively captured as a single ticket with Troopr’s “multi message action” feature.

Easy way to file ticket from Slack

Troopr supports advanced Jira configurations, including support for required fields, custom fields, workflow rules and automatic discovery of custom field meta-data during ticket creation. All of this helps provide for a seamless ticket creation experience for both agents and users.

Automated 2way syncing

It is also important for updates in Jira Service Desk to be updated into the Slack ticket thread for users to get the complete picture. So if there is an update made by the user/agent via Jira Service Desk (or via email or via any other interface available) the same is captured and updated in the Slack ticket thread. This helps keep the Slack message thread up to date being relevant for the users.

2 way sync between jira and slack

Easy way to update tickets in Slack

Troopr allows agent/user to take any ticket action on any ticket field, see recent ticket activity/ comments, link tickets to other tickets, delete tickets when you have the permission and more. Troopr also supports transition validations, automatic custom and required field recognition and update assistance. Any media/ files to be added to the tickets can also be updated in the Slack ticket thread at ease. Jira service desk has a distinct privileges and permissions for agents with respect to what they can see and what they can do. Troopr dynamically understands this and ensures that agents/users in Slack are only permitted to take the actions that they are permitted to take inside Jira Service Desk.

Easily update tickets in Slack

Easily triage tickets in Slack

Troopr brings the list of tickets associated with the agent/user in its Home tab. The list is regularly updated and brings only the relevant tickets in front of the agent/user. This list can be fine filtered by assigned/watched/reported and more. The app home comes with action buttons for almost all the ticket actions to get the work done in a fraction of a minute.

Also Troopr allows agents to “pull” the list of tickets whenever needed via a simple command “/t list”. This can be further drilled down by assignee/ticket status/JQL and more. Also the list can be switched to edit mode to take any actions on the tickets directly from Slack. While this command is available both in both DM and Group channels in Slack, this comes handy to get the list right away at a fraction of time. With Group channels, the list can also keep everyone on the same page.

Easily triage tickets in Slack

Easily setup reports to nudge team into action

Schedule reports that nudges the team to take action in Slack, say nudges for tickets missing updates, SLA breached, upcoming due dates or simply for the work assigned to the team. The team can drill down, use filters on the reports to get better understanding. These reports are also actionable allowing the agents to update status, comment, take any action or update any fields directly inside Slack.

Easily setup reports to nudge team into action

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